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I recently visited the Ibogaine clinic and was treated like garbage. Dr.

Sola under dosed me and when I was still in withdrawal they left me at the airport. Irene pretends to be this nice lady but once they have your money everything changes. There are very good providers out there- its a shame these people are giving the industry a bad name.

I have since had to be treated again at another clinic on the west coast- I was treated with respect and my dosing was accurately calculated.

I stayed 7 days instead of 4 and I now feel completely recovered. I urge to to not believe what Irene or Alex tell you about how professional they are- ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY.

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Canc, Quintana Roo, Mexico #1213746

First off IbogaineClinic is a name of a clinic in Mexico that is awesome. Dr Sola works for Clear Sky Recovery. Please dont get Them confused with IbogaineClinic witch is run by David Dardashti and has nothing to do with Clear Sky Recovery.


Sola is just a hired *** of a doctor maybe even not one. Its a scam place.

to Anonymous Sherman, Illinois, United States #1277932

When you say Sola do you mean Dr. sola at Clear Sky in Cancun? Just curious cause I was looking into this place If you have info please respond.

to Chris #1543238

I am so disappointed in the clear sky recovery center! This place is a complete scam!

Their director Laura Shapiro s a scam artist! I send my son for the Ibogaine treatment. He called a family member completely high or drunk a few days after checking in to the center in Cancun asking for money? It is the responsibility of the center to keep them sober and safe while they are in their care!

when they pick them up from the airport until they drop them off at the airport and see them fly back to their home! They did not preform their responsibility and threw four patients out on the streets of cancun ! They have put him exactly where he was before my son went to the center! All this promises of Ibogaine and it did not work, while he was in the center!

This makes me think that proper doses were not given or no Ibogaine was given. We kept our end of the promise and send them $8500 for 7 days but they failed to do their job! His phone, and money should have been taken and given back when flying home! They deal with drug addiction, they should know the rules of safety!

Please do not waste your money and time! Their promises are baseless and just a scam to get your money!

Renton, Washington, United States #700258

YES the exact same thing happened to me except I booked out of there before they got my cash. They had these fake mexican kids pretending to be doing treatment too.

DO NOT DEAL WITH DR. SOLAS SOLA or IRENE THEY ARE *** ARTISTS. I am glad I got out of there safely although sick and went through *** to get back.

BE CAREFUL EVERYONE. And Irene is a very SMOOTH TALKER so keep that in mind.

Sarasota, Florida, United States #668303

Are there any helpful rating blogs our what ever who can list good ibgo centers? I have read the kind of a rating centers from the UK but they still don't tell all.

The one in Panama City sound good (its at a hospital) and also the one at St Kitts. I have heard Crossroads mixed reviews. they were good on the phone and took a lot of time with me, mixes reviews.

The only thing I have heard about Irene is on the phone she was rated the Ibogaine-guru-by herself and pushy. HELP!


I am amazed at the writing people are putting about Ibogaine Clinic Cancun. I came down with a 32mg Suboxone habit per day.

They allowed me to stay over three weeks without charging me anymore. The facility is nice and the medical staff is superb. They had to let Dr. Sola go for drug abuse which was unfortunate, but Dr.

Jose and Dr. Alex were great. To add icing on the cake, they employe a Masters Level Drug and Alcohol counselor to help you after your treatment to figure out your trigers and help you form a plan of action. Her name is Kai and she is amazing.

She received her education in America and is also a former opiate addict who decided to do Ibogaine even though she'd been clean for many years. She wanted to be able to understand what her patients just went through. I've been clean for about 6 months and my life has changed tremendously. I know there are other good clinics around besides this one, but there are also many bad ones.

I almost got suckered in by both Beau Mason (who I found out killed two people this year) and Eric Taub (who has four deaths to their name). They claim they have a medical Ibogaine detox but they don't. They also don't do proper health screening upfront. I can speak from personal experience on Beau Mason as I went to his facilit in Rosarito Beach the first time I did Ibogaine.

At the time he was in business with Jeff Israel. Their facility was beautiful and the staff was wonderful but I could tell Jeff was high the whole time because he kept nodding off. Also, when I did the Ibogaine, I was left alone through most of my 32 hour experience.

At Ibogaine Clinic Cancun, both an ER MD and Nurse don't leave you along for even a minutes. It made me feel very comfortable.

Just my two cents.


:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


The ibogaine clinic also underdosed me and sent me home in withdrawal- they clearly are not qualified to provide these treatments.

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